Moving forward, looking back

Documentary project focused on identity, based on memory and inspired by travel. Southwest, USA.

The Unfinished Dream

The promise of employment has attracted thousands of men to the United Arab Emirates, drawing resources from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand.

Re-imagining a conflict

Through the process of double exposure in camera this project explores the double dimension that characterised Northern Ireland’s conflict.

Artificial Landscapes

Water has become a key concern for the municipality of Abu Dhabi and seawater desalination plants have long played an important role in supporting the region’s economic expansion.

The wake

Double exposures captured at Lake Powell, an artificial lake between Utah and Arizona.

If we look back

These pictures document the journey undertaken between Santa Fe in New Mexico and Los Angeles in California, following what is known as the Old Spanish Trail.

A guided tour through disaster

Travelling to Chernobyl might not be to everyone’s taste but demand has increased since the Ukrainian government decided to regulate access to the area a few years ago.